Photo: Amanda Andreas
Team Sweden presents their pilot action:

Opening now: The world’s largest art gallery

The response to the ‘shrinking of worlds’ experienced during the covid pandemic is to create something that can connect us and link us together“. That is the vision of the founders of the world’s largest art gallery.
KONSTHALL: TEATER consists of 510.1 billion m2 of Art, the same size as the world’s land mass.
How is that possible?
The art in KONSTHALL: TEATER is user-generated and it relies on everyone to provide art and expand the gallery. It is an online platform where users can upload their photos of everything they consider as art, and pin it on the website map for the rest of the world to see it. It can be a permanent artistic work, like a statue, but it can also stretch as far as a temporary glimpse of art, like a sweet sunset on one’s favorite spot. The only thing to do is to turn on the GPS and give the art a title and a description. Plus points if the description also “activates” the art by associating an action towards the art framed (e.g. “Feel the texture of it”, “Smell the scent of roses of a plant nearby”).
”Why think small when you can think big? The world is full of artists, and we need a gallery big enough to encompass them all.”
That is KONSTHALL: TEATER motto.
KONSTHALL: TEATER’s epicenter is in Gamlestaden, Gothenburg (Sweden).
The first opening will take place on June 17th and it will be celebrated together with invited guests from all over the world. The artists will be present.
After the first opening, the gallery will be available online through the website map and, most importantly, physically from wherever you are.

Take the map with you in your next holidays and contribute to the world’s largest art gallery!


“Team Sweden” consist of Matilda Klamas, Sara Östebro, Johan Paus, Robin N Spegel, Andreas Luukinen and Freja Hallberg.
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KONSTHALL: TEATER is the result of Teater Nu and the Swedish beneficiaries pilot actions, combining the fields of management models (A) and artistic interventions (B). The project uses the methods of the artist and is encouraging people to look at their everyday environment with new eyes. The art in KONSTHALL: TEATER is user generated ready-mades, and it relies on everyone to provide art and expand the gallery. Here, everyone is an artist, and art can be submitted from anywhere in the world.  The concept can be used for instance in urban development processes, in community based works, in sustainable tourism and many more areas.