The training phase of the project has come to an end, but TRAINART continues its journey!
After having absorbed the pieces of information provided during each Hotspot, and a whole lot of brainstorming, the beneficiaries are now developing their pilot actions.
Pilot actions are the tangible results, made possible thanks to EU funds, of TRAINART’s skill-building activities. They are the final product of our beneficiaries’ thought process and the first blueprint of future managing models for cultural spaces and artistic performances in non-conventional contexts, to be developed nationally, internationally and/or transnationally across the EU.
These activities will be presented during the onsite meetings that will take place in Spain, Serbia, Ireland, Sweden and Italy in the upcoming months.

Which type of actions can we expect?

Each pilot activity can vary consistently from another, as they are the pure artistic expression of the cultural operators and artists involved. However, given the project objectives, we may expect the following types of actions:
🎭 new services within traditional cultural spaces;
🎭 promotion of a more participatory governance of a space, stimulating the inclusion of the local
community and its participation in the proposed cultural activities;
🎭 identification and implementation of innovative public development practices;
🎭 development of an artistic intervention adapted to the need of a private organization operating in a traditional economic sector;
🎭 development of artistic interventions to favor the socio-economic development of a neighborhood within urban regeneration projects;
🎭 and more…

The first pilot action

The first pilot action to set off has been PLAYLIST, a project created by Collettivo CollegaMenti from Italy.
PLAYLIST is an interactive walk at sunset that took place from 1st to 5th September 2021 in the charming location of the Senigallia harbour. Each participant received a pair of headphones and was invited to walk along the wharf while listening to gentle voices, sounds and music that evoke atmospheres of ancient memory, myths, legends and fragments of lives.
Francesca Berardi and Filippo Mantoni are the voices in the four tracks, telling suggestive stories from the point of view of mythological figures like Medusa, Penelope, Nereid and Mitì. Sounds, music and small pieces of random memories outline a nostalgic and sensorial map, where figures of the past come to life and start dialoguing with the present. The music is by Simone Bellezze, a musician recreating sounds with unusual instruments made of ordinary and recycled objects. Did you know that rubber bands on a styrofoam container can sound like a double bass? Well, now you do!
Overall, the walk lasts about 20 minutes and guides you towards the Penelope statue, right at the end of the little pier Banchina di Levante. A full 20 minutes of self-reflection and an intense journey through the senses and the full stack of human emotions. Believe it or not, you will hear your life in Medusa’s words and find your own freedom in Nereid’s tales. The stories are about all of us.
After a 5-day presentation, the artistic duo, with the help and consensus of the city municipality, is planning to install the experience at the harbour wharf permanently, giving people the chance to access the “audio performance” whenever they want via a QR code and listen to it directly on their phone. Currently, the experience is provided in the Italian language only, but Collettivo CollegaMenti intends to create an English version, too.
You can find the PLAYLIST tracks on their website. Grab your headphones and start wandering around. If you have access to the sea, even better. Otherwise, you can always use your imagination!
“We have been thinking about this idea for months. It is part of the experimental-theatre vision we have, but we did not quite know how to set it up back then. When we got to experience the sensory walk created for us by Mold, one of the guest speakers at the Gothenburg Training Hotspot, we immediately thought: oh wow, you can actually do it! And, as soon as we could, we did it!”
– Collettivo CollegaMenti