The online training sessions are coming to an end: on the 12th and 13th May, the last Training Hotspot Performing Audience Engagement – Community and Culture of Innovation in CCIs is streaming live from Bilbao, Spain.

This two-day Training Hotspot will lead participants to learn about relationships between the world of the arts and that of organisations, in quite different ways and with a variety of results. It will also present the concept of audience development and the organisational implications of adopting such an approach. To achieve this, the event will go deep into Haceria Arteak’s model of management and event production system, and also include important inputs from other agents and consultants from the Basque cultural sector.
In order to contribute to cultural operators in different organisations, Haceria Arteak will:

  • Present a cultural ecosystem based in the island of Zorrotzaurre;
  • Introduce participants to Open Innovation methodology (C2+i);
  • Learn about the implications of becoming an audience-centred organisation;
  • Use a self-mapping and strategic analyses tool for cultural agents developed by Karraskan, a professional association to promote the culture of innovation.

You can find the event programme and more information about Haceria Arteak and the Basque cultural professionals invited in the Facebook event and in the Background Paper below.

Check out the event

Download the Background Paper


Also, the entire event will be recorded and published as PODCASTS on our Spreaker account.
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