The Gothenburg TRAINART Hotspot is coming soon, in a slightly different way than previously planned. The beneficiaries will be attending the event online, excited to finally start this project together. Not in the same spot, but all simultaneously connected from Italy, Ireland, Serbia, Spain and Sweden.

The title Performing arts and the shape of cities says it all: this first TRAINART event will be all about artistic interventions in unconventional contexts in connection with site development and city planning. During the Hotspot, we will investigate how site-specific art practices and the artist’s gaze and working method can contribute to a process of sustainable site development.

Here below you can find the Gothenburg Hotspot program, including an open-to-all meeting, where all those interested in TRAINART’s innovation process can subscribe here.

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Gothenburg – October 2020



Meet and greet! The Trainart group gets to meet each other. Introduction to the project and about Teater Nu. Presentations, some thoughts about the day. Some small talking points in break out groups (why did you want to be part of the project? What do you hope the day will bring?).



12.30 Check in
13.00 Intro from Teater Nu and the moderator Johanna Ivstedt from Tillt

13.15 Lecture: Lisa Torell
The artist Lisa Torell works with both public space and semi-public space and the relationship between place, language and identity in connection to systems, conventions and logic and how to set these things in motion.

13.40 Lecture: Emilio da Cruz Brandao
Artistic teacher and director of Master’s Programme Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.

14.00 Short break

14.10 Lecture: mold
mold works with modes of interactive and suggestive theatre. Their performances are site- and situation specific, where the audience or visitors plays the main part.

14.30 Q&A-session
15.00-15.15 Wrap up, thank you, goodbye



mold will host a guided online walk, where you can get a feel for their work and see hands on how a participatory and site specific work can be shaped. Each participant will do the walk where they are, but we all have the same instructions.
Participants will then be asked to discuss ideas about a project or work connected to the field.


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