The beginning of 2020 has been really intense: TRAINART project is now focusing on the needs, visions and expectations of the professionals from the performing arts sector, in order to provide them with adequate training to meet the demand for artistic interventions and new sustainable business models .

That’s why a very detailed questionnaire has been elaborated: it is dedicated to the professionals skills and the training needs of cultural and creative sector; and it is addressed to anyone working in the performing arts, in the countries involved in the project.

If you are an artist, a performer, a manager, a curator in the performing arts sector and you come from Italy, Sweden, Spain, Ireland or Serbia, we need to hear your voice!

Fill the questionnaire at the link below, it only takes ten minutes.You will have the chance to be part of the international training programme but, most important, you will be part of the innovation project of TRAINART, for more sustainable art and culture!


– The questionnaire –